Dual Component Packaging Techniques

Disposable cartridge packaging is another convenient possibility provided by Master Bond. This form of packaging is most suitable for use with multi component polymer techniques similar to epoxies, silicones, polysulfides. Pre-measured ratio delicate compounds are contained in separate compartments inside the Semkit® cartridge. This assures proper storage and when ready to make use of mixing is performed consistently, uniformly in correct proportions. Material contained within the Semkit® is combined throughout the transparent plastic excessive/low density polyethylene cartridge, eliminating waste and labor intensive tasks such as measuring. In addition to increasing productivity Semkits® improve high quality by avoiding air entrapment and product contamination which might occur when using other packaging methods. For the reason that product is utilized directly from the Semkit® package deal, pores and skin contact on the work station is minimized.

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In addition to preserving up to date with car legislation, fleet managers even have to ensure there are methods to fulfill different compliance necessities from easy daily checks and inspection sheets, to MOT, insurance and dangerous goods driver checks. There must be sufficient data – which is also backed-up securely, in case of an accident.

1. Acceptance can be carried out newest by D – 90 mins. Prior to the departure of the flight

2. Prior booking to be made in IndiGo CarGo booking system

3. Radioactive materials to be booked within the direct flights only

4. Radioactive Checklist must be crammed by DG CAT 6 employees

5. Documentation as said in section 1.2.1 to be in strict compliance

6. Marking and labelling (Category II – yellow / Class III – the yellow label is used) to be checked. The responsibility of affixing label is to be affixed by the consignor