Baoji Qixin Titanium Co., Ltd.

Baoji Qixin Titanium Co., Ltd. was built in 2006. It is located in Xuguang Industrial Park, Maying town, Gaoxin district, Baoji City, an National New Material Industrial Base, which is now called as “Titanium Valley of China”. The company is a private enterprise and focus on production and research of electrochemical industrial titanium anodes, titanium materials or other related titanium products. photobank


Baoji Qixin Titanium Co., Ltd.  are specialized in development and promotion of new products. The main products are including

Mixed Ru-Ir oxide coated titanium anode, 

Mixed Ir-Ta oxide coated titanium anode, 

Platinum coated titanium anode, 

Lead oxide coated titanium anode and so on.

These products are widely to be used in many areas, such as

Chemical engineering,


Water treatment, 

Electro-organic synth, 

Cathodic protection, 


Metal foil production, 

Al foil forming, 

Environmental protection, 

Electroplating etc. 

In the meanwhile, anodes have exported to USA, UK, Korea, Singapore and other countries. photobank (1)

Qixin has formed a center of “Baoji Titanium Valley” by its RD, production and sales team replying on strong recourses of “Titanium Valley of China”, powerful strength of Non-ferrous metal research and manufacturing and completely industrial chain of titanium production. Based on these aspects, they are providing professional and all-sided services to customers from all over the world.