World Iron & Steel Co.,Ltd

World Iron & Steel is a commercial company specialized in the processing and exporting of steel pipe products including line pipe, casing pipe, carbon steel pipe, alloy steel pipe, stainless steel tubes and various accessories such as flanges and accessories. We have a high level of customer service and product quality, and experienced international sales engineers and technicians ensure the priority of meeting the needs of customers. At the same time, we have good cooperation with dozens of China’s first-class steel tube manufacturers so that our products maintain the best inventory levels and competitive prices. After years of effort, our company has developed into a large-scale industry enterprise group with a yearly output approximates 1200000 tons and an annual operation revenue of over RMB 7.9 billion Yuan. We offer a series of steel pipe products in a wide range of sizes and various international standards such as API, ASTM,  GB, DIN, BS, JIS, ISO, etc.

Standard Available

Line pipe: API-5L

Casing tubes:  API-5CT

Anti-corrosion: 2PP/3PP/2PE/3PE DIN 30670, ISO DIS21809-1, DIN30678, NF A49-711, Liquid epoxy coated AWWA C210,  PBE coated AWWA C213

Boiler tube: ASTM A178, A179,  A210, A213, M A250

Tructural tube: ASTM A252, A500, ASTM A501, EN10210, EN10219

Mechanical tube: ASTM A511, ASTM A512, ASTM A513, ASTM A519, ASTM A554, EN10294-1, EN10305-1, JIS G3455, JIS G3441, JIS G3472

Medium and high pressure pipe: JIS G3454, JISG3455, KSD3564, KSD3562, NF A49-141

Lower and high temperature pipe: ASTM A333, ASTM A334, ASTM A335, JIS G3460

Production Facilities


  • Tapered roller puncher
  • PQF Tandem pipe mill
  • Stretch-reducing mill and sizing mill
  • SAWH production lines
  • Italian Danieli 100 tons ultra-high power electric steelmaking
  • Arc continuous casting billet and round billet

Inspection Equipment

  • Scanning electron microscope/energy disperse spectroscopy
  • 1000KN microcomputer-controlled electro-hydraulic servo universal testing machine
  • Microcomputer-controlled pendulum bob impact testing machine
  • Brooke direct-reading spectrometer
  • X-ray fluorescence spectrometer
  • Zeiss upright (inverted) microscope
  • Digital Display Wilson Rockwell Apparatus


Our Vision

We are dedicated to providing a professional team, dedicated spirit, concentrative attitude to become the most outstanding Chinese steel pipe solution provider.  Want  to contact us please email at