TOPTION is a group of dedicated visionaries leading the cbd extraction | distillation industry with fresh, innovative equipment designs and five-star standards. We provide cbd oil extraction | distillation | evaporation turnkey solution with attention to detail.

TOPTION team of engineers, producers and sales have the expertise and experience needed to design an exceptional cbd oil extraction | distillation systems above your expectations.

Since 2004 TOPTION’s cbd extraction and distillation equipment has been used and praised in many counties including Canada, United States, Poland, Russia, and Spain more than 70 countries and regions, provide technical support for tens of thousands organizations to solve problems within their research, special for cbd industry, essential oil industry, university, research institutes,etc. After nearly 16 years accumulation & development, TOPTION brand stainless steel molecular distillation equipment is widely applied in cbd oil, cbd related foods, cbd related oral medicine, cannabis related electronic cigarettes, cannabis synthetic chemicals, cloves Oil, palm oil, turmeric essential oil, dried ginger essential oil, fish oil, rose essential oil, algae, angelica oil, etc. And currently services big market share in the hemp oil extraction industry.

We prepared to invest time and trust into our partnership and make decisions together. We are your dependable partner in cbd extraction | distillation industry, we are flexible, intelligent, and truly care about your benefits potential of a well-orchestrated extraction and distillation system. We want your cbd business brand to be remembered and welcomed by your customers, not the practicalities of cbd market.

TOPTION as CE certified, UL certified, ISO certified cbd extraction | distillation  | evaporation equipment manufacturer, we work closely with our clients to deliver a successful and extraordinary cbd extraction and distillation system, choose TOPTION to maximize your benefits. We believe, TOPTION will be your TOP OPTION.